Playboy Star and Hot Blonde Go for Fast Rides

No silicone was hurt during the making of these hot-girls-riding-supercars videos.

It's been a while since we last shared a video of a gorgeous, scantily clad lady being taken for a hairy ride in a supercar, so to compensate for this glaring oversight, here are two. First up is Playboy model Jesse Preston being taken for a hot lap in a Ferrari 458 Italia during a drift event in Las Vegas. Who knew, the 4.5-liter V8-powerered Italian supercar was such a capable drifting machine? Not the lovely Miss Preston, that's for sure.

Spoiler alert: note how the safety-conscious producer ensured she wore a less than fetching helmet but that the seatbelt was kept firmly below her prize assets. Excellent work there.

At the same event, a buxom blonde was given the drift experience in a Corvette Z06, although this time the seatbelt was (sadly) more sensibly positioned. We've never wanted to be a safety restraint more in our lives.

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