Red Bull

Playseats Red Bull F1 Game Simulator Makes Staying at Home Easier

Playseats, The Netherlands-based gaming company, has just signed a licensing agreement with Red Bull Racing to build an extremely cool F1 home simulator. Designed and built by the gaming company, the simulator features the famous Red Bull Racing logo and even has the team's Austrian racing team's F1 colors. Supposedly, the simulator reproduces the exact driving position of a F1 race car.

It's compatible with all steering wheel and pedal sets currently on the market. It can also be used in configuration with any PC or game consoles like PS2, PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360, and Wii. For another realistic touch, the seat is upholstered in black vinyl that's meant to imitate high quality leather and eve has a red double stitching design. There's also a fully adjustable black coated steel framework and a G27 gearshift support. The Playseat F1 game seat will be available this May and a few unnamed F1 drivers have already placed their orders.

It won't be cheap either, coming in at €950 ($1,325). The unbranded version will cost €827 ($1,115). Either way, it's one expensive video game.

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