Please God, Let The Ford Ranger Raptor Bless America Soon


And it needs to look like this.

We know it's coming to Australia. The Ford Ranger, dead in the US since 2011, will return here in 2019 and, hopefully not long after that, the off-road Raptor spec will make an appearance. Ford has already announced the Ranger Raptor will debut very soon in Australia, so there's a very good chance it'll come stateside as well. Ford hasn't confirmed this yet, but based on the success of the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2, it'd be a dumb decision not to have a US market Ranger Raptor.

And fortunately, we already have a decent idea what it'll look like thanks to the Ford-produced preview video for Australia. The crew at Rangr5G Forum sent us these new renderings based on that camouflaged Ranger Raptor seen in the video. Obviously the camo has been peeled away to show what final product may look like. To us, this thing looks perfect. If the final production truck looks like this, or something close to it, then we'll be thrilled. Other than body colors, the other major difference these renderings show are the hood vents, meaning whether or not the production truck will have them. It could depend on which engine is under the hood. And speaking of which, we don't have answer to that question either.

Will it be a diesel or gas-powered? Turbo or not turbo? For the Australian Ranger Raptor, a 10-speed automatic transmission is expected. But we trust Ford will get the engine-gearbox combo right. We wouldn't be surprised to see Ford officially announce, or even reveal, the US market Ranger Raptor at around the same time the standard Ranger lineup is shown. We expect the latter to happen next year, possibly at Detroit in January.


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