Please Let This Top Secret Test Mule Be The Ferrari 488 Speciale

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If it looks like a Speciale and smells like a Speciale...

Ferrari has been very tight-lipped about the existence or non-existence of the 488 Speciale. Considering the company's past history with special editions (spoiler: they make them), everyone has pretty much assumed that the 488 would eventually get the special edition treatment. Now, thanks to famed car spotter Marchettino, we have the first look at what could possibly be said car. The video was shot inside the walls of the Ferrari factory and features a heavily camouflaged 458 that features a tag reading "F142M M3" on its windshield.

The F142M code is internal Ferrari code for the 488 GTB. The M3 part of the code could very likely refer to the third version of the car. The first version would be the GTB and the second would be the Spider. Check out the video for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments. For our money we're pretty sure this is 488 Speciale mule.

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