Please Tell Us The Dodge Viper ACR's Build Quality Doesn't Suck

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Nothing's perfect but still.

The Dodge Viper may be on its way out the door, sad to say, but that's not stopping some from evaluating its overall build and construction quality. More specifically, the Dodge Viper ACR that street legal track toy Chris Evans drove flat out during his short Top Gear tenure, goes under the microscope in this cool new video from /Drive. Alex Roy and Icon owner and founder, Jonathon Ward, place a 2016 Viper ACR on a lift and check out – literally – what it's made of. How's the construction quality?

The welding? It's, uh, well...not bad but then again, probably not quite where it should be considering the Viper ACR, despite its performance for dollar value, still isn't cheap. But let's be totally clear before you watching Ward's Viper ACR complaints: he admits he's a "picky bitch."

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Whether you agree with him or not, the guy clearly has an amazing understanding of design and construction even though he's had no formal training. Perhaps the OEMs ought to consider hiring Ward as a consultant of some sort. Regardless, the 2016 Dodge Viper ACR - list price $118,795 – is an incredible performance bargain even with a few imperfections. We'll miss it greatly.

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