Please Toyota, Please Make The Supra This Awesome

Still stunning. But still just a concept.

Well, it’s been a few days since Toyota revealed its S-FR Concept ahead of the Tokyo Motor Show. We dig it. Apparently it’s a preview of a new sub-Scion FR-S/Toyota GT86 sports coupe that’s on the way. Right on, but what we, and we know all of you want, is that reborn Supra. Last we heard is that Toyota will make its final decision over whether to build it or not this December. Because of its collaboration with BMW on the project and Toyota’s desire to build more emotional cars, we’re betting that new Supra (or whatever it’ll be called) is on.

Oh, and for everything good and holy in the world, we want it based on that stunning FT-1 Concept. That’ll do just fine. It doesn’t look like anything else out there and its styling is pure Japanese badassness. So here’s the FT-1 Concept again, this time filmed up close and detailed by a dude with a camera. The background music wasn’t our idea.

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