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Please Volvo, Build and Bring the V40 Polestar Stateside

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Quit being a bunch of pansies and do what's right.

We'll never be silent about our affection for power wagons and hot hatches. They're simply the complete package of utility and power. They may often look harmless, but their performance capabilities tell a very different story. And Volvo just so happens to build one of the hands-down, best-looking hatchbacks on sale today, the V40. You have to see it in the flesh to fully appreciate its killer looks and overall refined elegance.

It's arguably the best new Volvo in quite some time. So of course it's not sold in the US. Damn them for that, it should be. And now we'll have to likely sit back and watch as Europe will also soon receive the V40 Polestar, a hot hatch with a turbocharged five-pot producing around 255 horsepower. This is the specific Volvo that'll bring in the desired youth market. It's also the Volvo that can prove once and for all that the now Chinese-owned Swedish brand has found itself after being lost in the image wilderness for several years. We also really just want to one-up those VW GTI and Ford Focus ST owners by having something more unique and just as powerful. Anytime now, Volvo. Anytime.

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