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Please VW, Build This Jetta Coupe

Rendering / 26 Comments

And then power it with the GTI's turbocharged four pot.

Looking at the current Volkswagen Jetta isn't exactly an exciting experience. It's not bad looking, just somewhat bland. It definitely needs some more pizazz. Heck, even the new Golf has more personality. A redesigned Jetta is still a few years away, but when it does arrive, it may not be such a bad idea for there to be a coupe variant alongside the sedan. And if that coupe were to look like these latest renderings from Theophilus Chin, then VW may have a future hit on its hands.

With some inspiration taken from the Audi Sport Quattro Concept, a Jetta Coupe with a fastback roof would make an awesome addition to the lineup. Remember, the US never received the current Scirocco, so something like this coupe could serve as sort of a compensation prize. Better yet, power it with the latest GTI's turbocharged 2.0-liter four. Yeah, we could dig that.

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