Please VW, Let the Next Passat CC Look Like This

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If they build it, we'd totally buy it.

The current generation Volkswagen CC is one of our favorite sedans on the market. Based off the previous Passat sedan, the CC is one of the original "four-door coupes" that hit the market a few years back. Automakers have been adapting that body styling ever since. And now that an all-new Euro-spec Passat has just been unveiled, it's only a matter of time until the existing CC is dropped. Fortunately, VW is planning to debut a second-gen CC in the near future.

Assuming it'll continue with that sleek styling, Theophilus Chin has just put together a pair of renderings showcasing what the new car could look like. He said he took some styling elements from the Seat IBL Concept as well as the front-end design from the new Passat. We absolutely love it, and we'd be more than pleased if this is what VW has in mind as well.

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