Plymouth Barracuda Reimagined For The Future

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This Dodge Challenger based rendering looks seriously badass

The Plymouth brand may have disappeared from the automotive landscape in 2001 but by that stage it was a mere shadow of its former self anyway. The ones that made Plymouth a household name like the sporty Barracuda models were built in the '60s and '70s.

Now, an enterprising 3D artist named Igor Alekseev has reimagined what a modern-day Barracuda could look like. Igor's attention to detail is excellent and he has incorporated some trademark cues from the original into a contemporary Dodge Challenger that has us wishing this thing was actually real.

Igor Alekseev

The taillights are a modern interpretation of the '70s model's units as is the cool-looking hood scoop. The rest of the design features subtle changes to the current Challenger's design with the most noticeable being the low front lip and side vents.

The Barracuda models were sold for a relatively short period between 1964 and 1974. Available in fastback, coupe and convertible variants they became highly popular with performance car enthusiasts. With the final variants offered with V8 engines up to 7.2-liters in size, it was perhaps inevitable that the 1973 oil crisis put an end to proceedings.

Igor Alekseev
Igor Alekseev

The Dodge Challenger was introduced in 2009 and while there have been numerous rumors doing the rounds of a revitalized Barracuda being released, they have amounted to nothing. Perhaps these renderings will capture the imagination of the right people at FCA and they finally decide to bring back the 'Cuda and fit it with an engine worthy of the name.

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