Poland's First Supercar Company Unveils Poland's First GT4 Racer

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Feast your eyes upon the Hussarya GT.

Arrinera has been pretty quiet for some time now. The Polish supercar company showed off its first car, the Hussarya, last year but since then we haven't seen or heard much from the company. That just changed as the young automaker pulled the covers off the Hussarya GT at the Autosport International show. The event is for racing cars, and the new Hussarya is set to compete in GT4 events in both Great Britain and Europe. The reason why Arrinera built a GT racer before a road car is publicity, plain and simple.


Greg Pekala, CEO of Arrinera Racing, spoke to Autocar about the GT racer and its purpose. "It's been a good reaction, but the car still needs to be proven on track to get the publicity we need." Helping the car prove its legitimacy will be a mid-mounted 6.2-liter V8 engine. According to Auto Express the bad dog will produce between 414 and 641 horsepower depending on the tune. Autocar says its top speed is between 155 and 162 mph. Its weight comes in at 2,755 pounds. A GT Hussarya means a road-legal version must exist, which means Arrinera needs to move its ass to get something created that people can purchase. Here's hoping the Polish automaker can do so. The world needs more supercars. Photos from Autocar and Auto Express.

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