Polaris Slingshot Tricycle Unveiled with 171 HP


Less than 800 kg, with a 171-hp 2.4-liter engine on three wheels, the Slingshot looks like our kind of fun.

Set to cross swords with the Campagna T-Rex, Polaris has unveiled the 2015 Slingshot three-wheeler tricycle that will go on sale in the US this September. The Slingshot comes powered by a 2.4-liter Ecotec engine rated at 171 hp and 166 lb-ft of torque, which is sent to the single 20-icnh rear wheel via a five-speed manual and carbon-reinforced drive belt. Weighing in at 771 kg, the Slingshot sports 18-inch front wheels, sits just 51.9 inches off the ground and has 5 inches of ground clearance.

It features rustproof polymer body panels, projector-beam headlights, LED taillights, three-point seat belts and roll hoops. Performance specs have yet to be announced.

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Inside, the Slingshot has analogue instruments and a 4.3-inch display screen, six-speaker sound system, storage units behind both seats with enough room to store a race helmet, and a locking glove box in the cockpit. Slingshot drivers must have a valid motorcycle license, and wear helmets when driving. Polaris has priced the Slingshot from $19,999 for the base model, and $23,999 for the SL.