Polestar 5 Lacks One Very Common Car Feature

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But it will have a bonded aluminum platform.

While most automakers focus only on crossovers and SUVs, Swedish electric vehicle maker Polestar still sees sedans as an important part of its lineup. The company revealed the sleek Precept Concept back in 2020, which will soon arrive in production form as the 2024 Polestar 5. Polestar has been teasing its upcoming new model, including a new look at the bonded aluminum platform developed in the UK. Judging from the photos of the chassis, it's clear the production Polestar 5 will keep an interesting styling detail from the concept: no rear window.

Pictured below, you can see images (not final) of what the Polestar 5 should look like. Unlike pretty much any new car sold in the US, the Polestar 5 won't have any form of physical rear window, instead relying on a camera for visibility. Even the Bugatti Chiron has a back window (albeit a tiny one with a buttress in the middle).

2024 Polestar Precept Forward Vision Polestar
2024 Polestar Precept Side View Driving Polestar
2024 Polestar Precept Rear View Polestar

CarBuzz has reached out to Polestar for comment on the lack of a rear window. We'll update the story with any more details, but a Polestar spokesperson confirmed that "the plan is to rely on cameras vs a rear window." The same spokesperson said the final design would be subject to regulations, hinting that certain markets may not allow a car with now rear window. If the windowless design is not approved, we wonder if Polestar has a backup plan.

We've driven cars with rear camera mirror options, though all of them also have a traditional rearview mirror with a rear window in case the camera gets dirty or malfunctions. Polestar likely shaved some weight from the car by excluding heavy rear glass in the rear, which could improve the driving range. This weight savings could be offset though, as the Polestar 5 will likely retain the glass roof feature from the Precept. We will have to wait to see the final curb weight, but Polestar claims the body-in-white will weigh less than rivals and even EVs in smaller segments.

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Structural rigidity is another benefit of the Polestar 5's design, which the company says will result in "class-leading dynamics." Polestar is making some big claims with this car, promising it have better torsional rigidity than a gas-powered sports car or supercar. No wonder why Polestar considers itself a Porsche rival.

"We knew we wanted this car to be lightweight, we knew we wanted high quality and we knew we wanted it quickly," says Pete Allen, Head of Polestar UK R&D. "This architecture delivers outstanding dynamic and safety attributes, with low investment technology applicable to high production volumes."

More Polestar 5 details will be revealed on the YouTube documentary series "Precept: From Concept to Car."

2024 Polestar Precept Interior Rundown Polestar
2024 Polestar Precept Torpedo Polestar
2024 Polestar Precept Steering Wheel Design Polestar

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2024 Polestar Precept Forward Vision
2024 Polestar Precept Side View Driving
2024 Polestar Precept Rear View

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