Polestar Reveals Gorgeous All-Electric Drop-Top

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This could be the Tesla Roadster rival we've been waiting for.

It may be new to the automotive world yet, so far, Polestar is knocking it out of the park. Its promising sales figures and the Precept Concept continue to impress, but its latest creation is by far the most exciting. Known as the Polestar O2, the gorgeous convertible is the company's vision of top-down motoring and thrilling electrified performance.

Building on the aforementioned Precept's design language, the sleek roadster is described by Polestar's Head of Design, Maximilian Missoni, as a "meeting point between technology and art, between precision and sculpture, with a determined but not aggressive stance."

The brand says the O2 previews how the Swedish company's design language can be adapted to an array of body styles, while still maintaining a family resemblance. The taillights, for example, resemble the items found on the Polestar 2.

Polestar Polestar Polestar Polestar

However you may feel about EVs, there's no denying this is a truly beautiful car. Short front and rear overhangs lend the concept plenty of visual drama and aggression, while the low ride height and wide body give it a menacing stance. Polestar notes the O2 embodies "classic sports car proportions but with a clearly modern, electric feel."

But there's plenty of substance beneath the pretty body. Hidden design features, such as integrated ducts, improve air flow over the wheels and body, allowing for maximum travel range. What's more, the clever taillights function as air blades that reduce turbulence at the rear.

Polestar Polestar Polestar Polestar

While Polestar hasn't provided any performance statistics, the brand is promising an exciting driving experience. Designed to delight, the bespoke bonded aluminum platform (adapted from the Polestar 5) is said to offer high levels of rigidity, tight body control, and confidence-inspiring dynamics.

The highly rigid aluminum platform is geared toward delivering superb handling along with a direct steering feel and overall agility. The handling is described as crisp, courtesy of small roll angles and high roll damping. If it's anything like the original Polestar 1, we're expecting a truly exhilarating motoring experience.

"Polestar O2 is our vision of a new era for sports cars. By mixing the joy of open-top driving with the purity of electric mobility, it unlocks a new mix of emotions in a car. But as with all our cars, we are about more than just straight-line sprints. It's when you turn the steering wheel that the true fun begins," adds Missoni.

Polestar Polestar Polestar Polestar

Being an electric-only brand, Polestar has created the O2 with sustainability in mind. Inside, the brand has made use of a new thermoplastic mono-material. The interior utilizes recycled polyester for all the soft-touch materials, including foam, 3D knit fibers and even non-woven lamination. This not only reduces waste but the overall weight of the car too.

The electric roadster also boasts an ecologically-minded chassis, designed to improve the circularity of metal components. The carmaker says various grades of "aluminum are used throughout the chassis to help deliver a thrilling driving experience."

Long after the Polestar O2 has been forgotten, the graded (and labeled) aluminum can then be recycled correctly, ensuring superior material efficiency and a lower requirement for virgin aluminum.

Polestar Polestar Polestar Polestar

Tech lovers will, perhaps, appreciate the beautiful roadster's party piece. Sited behind the rear seats is an autonomous cinematic drone that can be deployed while the car is in motion, to record the "perfect driving sequence."

A specialized aerofoil allows the drone to take off when the car is on the move, up to speeds of 56 mph. The driver can then choose between an "atmospheric sequence" or a more action-packed one which, says Polestar, has a sportier expression. Once you're done filming, the drone can return to the car itself, and videos can be edited and shared from the 15-inch center display.

Polestar hasn't said whether the O2 will make it into production or not but has said it will release three new cars over the next three years, starting in 2022. Hopefully, the gorgeous all-electric roadster is one of them. If not, the carmaker has said some of the ideas seen here may, at least, make their way onto production vehicles. We'd love to see this gorgeous concept turned into reality.

Polestar Polestar Polestar Polestar

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