Polestar S60 Headed for Production?

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Volvo's racing partner releases a teaser video showing a tuned S60 heading for limited production in Australia. But will it be as extreme as the concept?

The name Polestar is inexorably tied to high-performance Volvos. Polestar runs Volvo's successful touring-car racing program, and has been called in by the factory to help inject some performance into its road cars as well. That typically comes down to some mild upgrades, but has also produced such lust-worthy concepts as the 400h C30 Polestar Performance Concept, followed by the S60 Polestar concept with even more juice. Now Polestar has released a video suggesting it is putting the latter into production.

The video seems to indicate that a limited quantity of these S60s will be offered in Australia. Whether the production model will keep the concept's 508hp turbo six remains to be seen, but we sure hope so. The concept runs 0-62 in 3.9 seconds and lapped Laguna Seca as fast as an Audi R8.

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