Polestar Takes Big Swing At VW And Tesla In Super Bowl Commercial

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The EV firm says it's not like the other companies.

In a bid to promote the all-new Polestar 2, the Swedish EV firm has taken to this year's Super Bowl with a rather bold trailer that takes a heavy swing and the likes of Volkswagen and Tesla. Polestar isn't exactly a newcomer to the arena, but its current electrified lineup is not as expansive as its competitors. Regardless, it wants its audience to know that it is an honest and straight-to-the-point company.

The "No Compromises" trailer shows us snippets of the Polestar 2 while showing taglines that read "no hidden agendas", "no empty promises", and more. Two standout phrases are "No dieselgate" and "No conquering Mars" which is a clear dig at the aforementioned competitors. Fair enough, the boutique Swedish brand has had minimal controversy since it was rebranded by Volvo and Geely in 2017.

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Dieselgate is a reference that needs no explanation but in case you're not up to speed on the matter, it makes mention of the emissions scandal that was uncovered around 2015-2016. An emissions cheating device was discovered on a turbodiesel Volkswagen Jetta test unit but very quickly snowballed into a case that involved the entire VAG, including Audi. Sports car manufacturer Porsche also faced legal action. Last year, senior members of the firm were subjected to pay $350 million in fines.

Outside of Polestar's dig at VW was its barely veiled Tesla taunt. It is also well-known that Elon Musk has an affinity with Mars. Not only does he have a desire to set up a colony on the distant planet through his SpaceX program, but he also hopes to establish a strong Tesla foothold. This includes a plan to transport an example of the Cybertruck to the planet via a rocket.

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With its Super Bowl trailer, Polestar wants everyone to know that it is sticking to the business of cars with no drama. The Polestar 2 was a family car-oriented follow-up to the sporty and limited plug-in hybrid Polestar 1 performance coupe. While the latter was revealed to launch the reinvented brand, the Polestar 2 aims to be the one that establishes it as a leader in the mainstream sphere.

Polestar has expressed that with the 2, it is expecting a sales growth of 1,000% by 2025. Included in this strategy are expected to be the Polestar 3, 4, and 5 crossovers. The company is going to back this up with a hefty investment in battery production. A new plant has been planned for construction in Gothenburg, Sweden, which is expected to result in an annual cell production capacity that can accommodate 500,000 cars.

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