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Polestar-Tuned Volvo S60 Teased With 415 HP And Gold Calipers

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The "Polestar Engineered" version of the S60 will pack an upgraded T8 Twin Engine delivering 415 hp.

Just a few days ago, we learned that the new Volvo S60 will be unveiled at the automaker's new plant in South Carolina next week on June 20. Ahead of its debut, Volvo has released a revealing teaser trailer of the upcoming S60 sedan on social media. Specifically, the car shown in the video is the flagship "Polestar Engineered" variant announced this week. We get a good look at the new S60's front fascia in the teaser – notice the Polestar badge on the grille indicating that this is the flagship performance model.

It also sports sleek LED headlights that have been a staple of new Volvo models since the launch of the second-generation XC90. The front bumper and surrounding side air intakes give the sedan an aggressive appearance, but these styling features will probably be reserved for the performance-focused Polestar Engineered model. The teaser doesn't give us a look at the S60's rear, but we've already seen it thanks to photos that leaked earlier this year. Unsurprisingly, it looks like a shrunken S90, but that's not necessarily a bad thing as recent Volvos have looked stunning.

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We expect the Polestar-tuned variant will have a more aggressive rear bumper to help set it apart. "Polestar Engineered" lettering will also be on the exhaust finishers. Under the hood, the range-topping S60 will feature an upgraded version of the existing T8 Twin Engine hybrid system delivering 415 hp and 494 lb-ft of torque. It will also feature Brembo brakes with gold-painted brake calipers and Öhlins shock absorbers, as well as a strut bar and adjustable shock absorber design lifted from the Polestar 1 hybrid coupe.