Police Absolutely Hate This 800-HP Dune Buggy


Or rather its driver.

San Diego's CBS 8 reported that the city's police are investigating a mischievous traffic disturbance involving a man and his buggy. Recently there was a video released showing a guy in his 800-horsepower Volkswagen dune buggy driving around the streets of San Diego. Well, driving is a pretty weak verb. Rampaging is more accurate. In the video (which is now up to half a million views on YouTube) the dune buggy is seen jumping all over city streets, driving over plants and into areas where it doesn't really belong.

That's all well and good, but what if the dune buggy crashed into a house? Obviously that would not have been so great. The driver has been identified as Blake Wilkey, and according to the police in order to issue a citation they must see the act take place. However, with a video as evidence where the driver's face, voice and of course car are on camera, well it would seem like a fairly open and shut case. In the video the buggy gets several feet in the air on a public residential street and a local man can be seen on his phone no doubt calling the cops. As wicked sweet as the stunt was, it probably wasn't a great idea to do it in front of people and especially not a great idea to endanger lives.

Source Credits: www.cbs8.com

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