Police Bust Shop For Turning Toyotas Into Fake Ferraris And Lamborghinis

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We knew a $43,000 Ferrari 458 was too good to be true...

Police in Girona, Spain, busted a shop accused of making and selling fake Lamborghinis and Ferraris. Now some knockoff supercars look good, but they often cost a pretty penny. Why waste the cash on a fake? According to the video description, uploaded by RT, the raid resulted in three arrests and the discovery of 18 cars. Four of those were phony Ferraris ready for sale. The other 14 were under construction. Cops caught wind of the group after seeing one of its cars for sale online with a price tag of €41,000 ($43,000).

The cars featured fiberglass Ferrari and Lamborghini body kits, with the loaner cars and engines being Toyotas, although we did spy one Peugeot engine in the video as well.

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Now we aren't sure whether the crime committed is selling knockoffs that are branded as the real deal or if the shop was actually trying to pass off these things as legit Italian supercars. You'd think one test drive would be all it takes to discover the truth. Hell, popping the hood would do the trick. Then again, if these cars were being sold online it is possible that buyers were purchasing them sight unseen. With 18 cars in the garage it's safe to assume that more than a few cheapskates were forking over thousands to get their hands on some of the slickest Toyotas in Spain.

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