Police Car Nearly Rolls While Doing Donuts With Supercars

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The BMW i3 apparently has a very high center of gravity.

Everyone loves a good donut. Cops in particular. In case you thought that stereotype was a little tired, you'll be glad to hear that isn't what we're referencing. We meant donuts with a more automotive lean. These donuts were carried out at a local car show in the UK. Luckily, the UK is home to many expanses of flat, open, grassy terrain.

Obviously, those make doing donuts in 986-hp Ferrari SF90s pretty easy. And pretty fun, as even the local PD turned up to get in on the action, just about rolling their BMW i3 police car.


You'll have to watch the video to see just how many times the PD nearly roll their car, but we count at least four occasions. Honestly, it's a bit strange, seeing as much of the now-dead BMW i3's weight is down low, in the battery pack. Still, you can only do so much about physics. More to the point, the i3 doesn't exactly seem like an ideal donut-maker, unlike some of the cars in attendance.

We spotted a Porsche 911 GT3 RS (no, not the new RS), a Ferrari 599 GTO, and even a Carrera GT ripping a few donuts. Of course, all of them sound absolutely incredible, even if the Carrera GT was almost in an accident.

At one point, the po-po were just behind the GT, which appeared to slow down. The cops weren't expecting it, and had to stand on their brakes. The incident occupied only a few frames, but it was a close call, to say the least, with the one-time coming within a few feet of the GT's bumper. We'd hate to be footing that bill. Carrera GTs are laughably expensive and always have been.

The video publisher frames this as if the cops are out to get the guys ripping donuts. Honestly, it's a toss-up. But we can't imagine multiple people would do donuts illegally in their supercars right in front of the police, on film, while smiling for the cameras with a man standing in the middle of it all. On top of that, the video continues well after the cops depart, though that could be tricky editing. We think the cops were there for some fun, just like everyone else.

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