Police Catch 17-Year-Old Ford Mustang Driver Doing 108 MPH In A 40 MPH Zone

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The juvenile driver was charged with numerous infringements, not just speeding.

A Ford Mustang doing 108 mph in a 40 mph zone was pulled over in Stafford County, Virginia, this past week, and the 17-year-old driver was charged with numerous counts. Not only was the young man doing illegal speeds, but he broke a few more in his effort to outrun the law.

The Office of Stafford Country Sheriffs' department credit the success to team cooperation and the use of law enforcement radio. The Ford Mustang was seen initially doing speeds over 105 mph going northbound on Poplar Road, Stafford.

The posted speed limit in this area is 40 mph, and the deputy on duty activated their emergency equipment in response. This didn't stop the young man, who continued and passed another vehicle in a curve in an attempt to get away.

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More than five miles down the road, the driver was apprehended by another deputy, thanks to the quick thinking of the observant First Sergeant, who radioed ahead. A traffic stop was conducted, and the driver was identified as a juvenile driver.

It was also found that the Ford Mustang he was driving had an expired registration and defective brakes. Combined with reckless driving, eluding law enforcement, and speeding, the young driver's actions put himself and other road users in danger.

He was summonsed accordingly and released into the custody of a parent with a court date set for February 9th. He may not have made it onto the list of most expensive speeding tickets in the world, but he's not likely to have his record expunged when he turns 18, thanks to harsh state laws.

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While the Mustang model in question has yet to be identified, it brings Ford's MyKey technology to the fore.

The feature is designed to allow parents to program car keys with restricted driving modes, which limits how fast a car can go in an attempt to promote safe driving habits.

Modern Mustangs come with this technology as standard from the entry-spec model, which, if it had been used correctly, would've prevented this gross violation of traffic laws. It begs the question of whether the young driver's guardians should've been a tad more attentive to both their teen driver and the capability of their vehicle.

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Mustangs may have a reputation for performance and sporting prowess, but we're sure this isn't what the manufacturer had in mind.

It's not just pony cars racking up the speeding fines this year-end, however. In late November, California Highway Patrol caught a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ driver doing 152 mph in Santa Barbara, which is a substantial 100 mph above the posted speed limit.

While we understand the need for speed from behind the wheel in a performance machine such as this, the USA doesn't offer the leniency the unrestricted Autobahn does, so drivers can expect the full weight of the law if caught speeding.

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