Police Chase Ends With Dramatic Dukes Of Hazzard-Style Jump

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Incredibly, it also landed on a parked car with someone inside.

It's not uncommon for police chases in America to end with spectacular accidents, but this incident is so extreme it could easily pass as a Michael Bay movie stunt. In Louisiana, an 18-year-old driving a stolen Toyota Tacoma was pulled over by police, before speeding off and attempting to escape. With police in pursuit, the pickup hit a set of spike strips at 115 mph, before veering off the road and into a nearby ditch. This launched the truck into the air Dukes of Hazzard style, before it landed on a car parked at a restaurant.

The crash can be seen in some scary amateur footage by someone who happened to be stood just feet away from the oncoming pickup as it went airborne, before landing on the car parked off-screen. He probably got a lot closer to the action than he had bargained for.

According to KSLA, the truck damaged a restaurant and a woman was inside the parked car the truck landed on, but somehow escaped uninjured. The teeange driver, named Kevonte Dekorey Austin, was apparently an escaped prisoner who stole a vehicle while on work release. He was sat in the passenger seat when the pickup was initially pulled over for speeding, but slipped into the driver seat and took off while the officer was speaking to the driver. How no-one was hurt is beyond belief.

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