Police Chase Goes from TV to Man's Front Yard

A televised police chase gets a little too close for comfort for one viewer.

Late last Sunday night the Inglewood Police Force were pursuing a grand theft auto suspect running red lights, driving in opposing traffic lanes and nearly crashing into other cars on the road. The chase was being tracked by the news via helicopter. Being an Inglewood resident, Jason Lee decided to record the chase for prosperity as it unfolded live on TV. Seconds later, he received the shock of his life when the cars hooked a right on his street and straight past his house.

After capturing the driver using a spike strip, the police described the driver as a "boy" and confirmed the car was a stolen Toyota Camry. If you're wondering why the TV footage and video camera footage do not coincide, new channels often have 5-10 seconds delays when showing a "live" car chase.

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