Police Discover Car Suspension Made From Wooden Logs And Chicken Wire


Oh Canada. We wish you were always this innovative.

This all went down in Quebec, Canada, of all places. According to the Ottawa Citizen, MRC des Collines police pulled over a 1999 Toyota Tercel last Sunday night after noticing its lack of working brake lights. Turns out this was more than a typical case of burnt out light bulbs. Police soon discovered the car’s 28-year-old driver had gone all mad scientist on the suspension by reinforcing it with wooden logs and chicken wire. "It was basically keeping the vehicle up," stated one of the officers.

Either the guy was down on his luck financially, too cheap for proper repairs and/or a new(er) car, or simply didn’t give a crap. But things soon got worse for him. Upon closer inspection, police found that three of the four tires showed signs of advanced wear, with some spots having no tread left at all. The Tercel was also missing its windshield wipers. Because it made absolute sense to do so given everything so far, police administered a sobriety test, which the guy passed. However, there was an open bottle of beer in the front seat. Oh, and the driver had no proof of insurance. That all said, the car was impounded so that it could undergo a full mechanical inspection. Think it’ll pass?

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The driver was also given a $481 ticket for having the open container, and will be receiving in the mail the following: the towing bill, tickets for various safety infractions, and failing to have insurance documents. And for your continuing entertainment and viewing pleasure, enjoy the included photo gallery of the lovely 1999 Toyota Tercel, both stock and modified.