Police Gallardo Does Donuts on Track

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When not delivering refrigerated hearts to dying patients, the Italian police hone their driving skills on the track.

Though you're not likely to see them on the road, police forces around the world have the odd supercar in the stable. The Japanese police patrol highways in Nissan GT-Rs, British Bobbies plod around in Focus STs and we've even seen some police-spec Vettes in the States. But in Italy, the Polizia do things with more style. Just look at the Gallardos which Lamborghini donated to the state police. The supercars are used to transport donor organs at high speed, but that doesn't mean they can't have a little fun, too.

In this video you'll see the rare Gallardo highway-patrol vehicle stretching its legs and drumming up some enthusiasm for local law enforcement, all the while letting the officers hone their driving skills in a safe environment. Because while a 560-horsepower Lambo may not scream "driver safety", the police certainly do.

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