Police Stop Porsche Driver Towing A Hot Tub

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With a homemade rig.

Porsche has been making headlines for all the right reasons, especially with its EV performance car the Taycan. We're also very pleased to hear that the 2021 Cayenne GTS and Cayenne Coupe GTS will return to V8 power, but sometimes you'll find that one headline that grabs your attention for the complete opposite reasons. We're not talking about the announcement of a new Porsche 911 derivative, or the history of Porsche's cloverleaf wheel design.

We are talking about a man who designed the most sketchy-looking trailer rig to haul a jacuzzi behind his vintage Porsche 968. Yes folks, sometimes even Porsche owners do stuff that makes you think "that's seriously dumb."

Woodstock Ontario Police Service
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The Canadian man, aged 54, was pulled over by the Woodstock, Ontario police on 17 June at 1:30 pm on Dundas Street after they spotted him trying to cart a full-size Jacuzzi behind his Porsche 968. Now the contraption he constructed to complete this valiant quest is quite the feat of engineering. From what we can see, the base of the contraption is a hand-cart or hand dolly, which in itself isn't the appropriate tool to transport a whole jacuzzi.

The dolly seems to be connected to the car via a few pieces of scrap wood and what seems to be a few shoelaces tied together. Two planks are seen holding up the 944's liftgate. The wood planks form a base and a pivot point, which seems seriously dodgy. "Had this hot tub became unattached from the homemade trailer that it was being towed on, it would have caused serious damage and injury to anyone in its path," said one Woodstock police officer.


There are a few ropes securing the Jacuzzi to the rest of the rig, and we must be honest, it looks precarious at best. For those wondering about the car itself, well it's none other than a Porsche 968, which was Porsche's final iteration of the front-engine, 944-style car. It was powered by a 3.0-liter four-cylinder engine producing around 240 horsepower. That's not enough power to get away from a police cruiser when you've got a jacuzzi strapped to the back.

The Woodstock Police Service gave some handy tips for trailering goods, noting that the trailer should be registered, in good condition, and should have proper working lights amongst others. The man in question was charged with Careless Driving by the local police. Now all we'd like to see is a Porsche with an actual jacuzzi built into the bodywork.


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