Police SUV Gets T-Boned Only 8 Seconds Into A Pursuit

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Not exactly the swift dose of justice this cop had in mind.

We can't imagine the adrenaline that runs through a police officer's veins when initiating a car chase, especially when a crime happens right in front of two adjacent squad cars. However, adrenaline can be both good or bad, delivering razor sharp focus for some but instilling tunnel vision to others. That's just what happened when the officer in this Ford Explorer Police Interceptor saw a car run a red light right in front of them. In a hurry to catch the offender, the officer darts off and runs the red light too, although this time with unfavorable results.

From start to finish, this pursuit only lasts eight seconds, sort of like the shortest race that's ever been recorded. Fortunately neither party was hurt badly, but the red light-running perp remains at large.

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