Police Tow Over 150 Cars From From Pennsylvania Collector


To be fair, his "collection" does seem like junk.

Just as there are countless news outlets devoted to publishing news about celebrity gossip, the car community has become enthralled by expensive car collections and engages in constant debates about which YouTuber's garage is best. Not everyone has millions of dollars to go out and curate a carefully chosen collection of exotic supercars and hypercars but this shouldn't stop people from collecting what they love.

According to Action News 6 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a local man did just that when he accumulated a collection of over 150 cars, which he then stored at his lot on Old York Road. Reuben Waller says he collects cars as a hobby and he even describes himself as a hoarder. What Waller says is just a harmless collection, the police say impacts the surrounding properties.

Philadelphia Department of Licenses and Inspection Commissioner David Perri says Waller's lot is a "nuisance property, and enforcement action against it began in 2016." In December of 2018, the court told Waller he owed $2,000 in fines, plus $200 for every day he did not remove the cars from the lot. Waller says the only warning he received was a notice on the gate, telling him he only had five days to remove all of the cars. Since he did not comply, the police showed up with tow trucks to take the vehicles away. As you may imagine, towing over 150 cars took a fare bit of time.

From what we can see on Google Maps, the property was packed with vehicles, most of which look like complete junk. We were able to pick out a Ford Five Hundred, an original Lincoln Navigator, and a Plymouth Breeze - nothing exactly concourse worthy. Not all of the cars were completely useless though - we did pick out a first-generation Lexus SC sitting on the lot. The city of Philadelphia has been removing the cars since March 8 and we assume they are still at it given the size of the collection.

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