Police Tried To Sell This Old Lady's Stolen Car After Recovering It

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Police even had the audacity to charge the victim $178 in impound, towing and storage fees.

Whether it's as rare as a Ford GT40 replica or as common as a Ford Crown Victoria, having your car stolen is extremely distressing for the owner. Back in June, 80-year old Mary Antrim's Crown Vic was stolen outside her home in Pueblo, Colorado. She reported the crime to police who managed to recover the car 45 miles from where it was stolen. However, according to an eye-opening report by KOAA News 5, rather than returning the stolen sedan to its owner, the police tried to sell it at an auction.


Antrim was contacted by police four days after the car was reported stolen, where she was told that the car needed to be impounded as evidence because it had been involved in an attempted robbery. She then repeatedly tried contacting police for five weeks to find out when she could be reunited with her car, but never got an answer. "I need my car for my doctors' appointments that I have to go to," she told KOAA News. "That's my transportation and I'm 80 years old and I'd like to have my car back so I can do what I have to do." Imagine her horror, then, when she found her Crown Victoria listed online for an upcoming government auction in September.

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I was dumbfounded," she said. "I thought how in the world can the car go from being on hold for evidence and now it's on hand and being ready to go to auction. I couldn't believe that." KOAA contacted police seeking answers, only to be told that Antrim was sent a notification notice that her car was ready to be picked up on July 7. However, the letter was postmarked July 11 – the same day KOAA contacted police. Police even had the audacity to charge the victim $178 in impound, towing and storage fees to get her car back, despite a policy stating that crime victims were exempt from these charges. Happily, Antrim retrieved her car and didn't have to pay any fees, but not without the media's intervention.


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