Policeman Resigns After Driving Wrong Way On A Highway


Ironically, he was on his way to bust illegal street racing.

Law enforcement officials are not above the law, and this North Carolina state trooper has ultimately learned that the hard way. The Charlotte Observer reports that a state trooper driving the wrong way on a highway has resigned when footage of the act surfaced. Yes, he was driving towards incoming traffic. Why? State Trooper T.J. Williamson was on his way to bust some illegal street racing in nearby Catawba County. It all started when those street racers blocked traffic in order to give themselves space to race on US 321 at around 4:30 pm last Sunday.

Once troopers learned of this, they shut down the highway near the exit in order to stop it. But Trooper Williamson was apparently a little too anxious to get to the scene of the crime. He has since submitted his resignation, effective immediately.

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The North Carolina Highway Patrol is still investigating the matter. As for the street racers, police seized all of their $90,000 + cars, none of which were even registered in North Carolina. Seven drivers were quickly charged with racing, speeding and impeding traffic.