Polish 'Furious 7' Features Exploding Tractors And Assault Rifles

So this is what Polish cinema is like...

Yes, “Furious 7” came out a week ago but you still need towatch this parody trailer for it. It’s from Poland and was created by the comedy group Cyber Marian. (Yes, they all look like Bubbles from "Trailer Park Boys.") The plot revolves around a stolen tractor andfeatures everything its big budget inspiration has, including explosions andguns. Okay, so there are no fast cars and hot women, and the stunts leavesomething (a lot) to be desired. Still, it’s a lot funnier than some of the previous parodieswe’ve seen.

Watching a bunch of pissed off farmers engage in slowspeed chases to get a tractor back is funny in any language. It’s even betterwhen said farmers sound like Vin Diesel and The Rock.

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