Paint Job

Polishing A Ferrari F40 Requires Time, Patience, And Lots Of Love

Two words: residue control.

Kevin Brown is a true genius when it comes to polishing and detailing cars. Sure, you can just go for a typical wash and wax job, but when you’ve got something on par with a Ferrari F40, you’ll obviously want the very best. Even if you don’t have an F40, you should know how to properly maintain your car’s paint. This latest video from the /Drive Network provides a complete and extremely thorough demonstration of various methods for the perfect car finishes.

Enter Kevin Brown and his self-named Method of Polishing. Issues such as reside control are vital and if you’re not careful you’ll reinstall the defects you’re trying to remove in the first place. The video is somewhat long at just over 16 minutes but it’s definitely worth your time.

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