Pontiac Fiero Changed into Replica of Lambo Miura


Most times we're used to seeing replicas from some Chinese car owner or from someone's backyard in the Midwest. Today we bring you a unique Pontiac Fiero-based replica that's been transformed into an LS3 V8-powered Lamborghini Miura wannabe. This replica was dreamt up by the owner of Chop Top Fiura and has been carefully developed over a period of three years, and it's the mother of all replicas using Fiero underpinnings.

Archie, the man behind the project, went out of his way to make this replica as accurate to the original as possible, while at the same time not spending a fortune. It's interesting to see this car because Miura parts aren't cheap nor are you abundant in supply, so Archie did a lot of fabricating and scavenged all over the internet for suitable donor parts. An example of his devotion to this project, Archie modified the Fiero chassis and built a custom body out of fiberglass. The finished product is truly amazing.

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