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Pontiac G6 Coupe

Introduced with the Convertible in 2006, the G6 Coupe was not a standout. From the outside, it had very clean lines and was a welcomed departure from what Pontiac had previously built. The base engine was a four-cylinder with 167 horsepower. It was old and produced a harsh engine note and came with a standard four-speed automatic. The so-called "sport package" came with the 3.5 V6 that was also available on the G6 Sedan.

The four-cylinder remained to be offered until mid-way through 2009, just at the time when the car was given a facelift consisting of revised front and rear end. During its lifetime, Pontiac progressively updated the car, but when compared to the Toyota Solara, it didn't really stand a chance in terms of build quality. While the Pontiac offered the performance, it failed to live up to the ever growing quality standards that consumers and foreign automakers had adapted.

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