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Pontiac G6 Sedan Will Not Be Missed

Upon introduction in 2004, the G6 Sedan was a welcomed departure from typical Pontiac designs. The mid to late 90s and 2000s consisted of a design influx of excessive body plastic smothered on all Pontiac models. At first, it looked kind of good, but once one realized it was nothing but a cheap marketing trick in a bad attempt to differentiate Pontiac from Chevrolet and Buick, sales eventually dropped. Numbers were finally bad enough for the brand to be killed off altogether.

The G6's design was dramatically better than most things Pontiac had built in almost a decade, but the car, in general, was still not up to par. Rear visibility was diminished due to the thick and swooping C-pillars and most of the interior consisted of old GM cheap plastic. With Pontiac now out of the picture, most people forget the G6 even existed.

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