Pontiac May Be Out Of Business But You Can Still Buy A Trans Am

All 840 horsepower of it is Burt Reynolds approved.

When Pontiac went out of business, a lot of questions came up like “what’s going to happen to a brand with such rich heritage?” and “why not Buick instead?” While the days of the two-seater Solstice and the muscled up G8 are gone, you can still get a Pontiac Trans Am thanks to automotive conversion company Trans Am Depot. The company specializes in Trans-forming the Camaro into a modern interpretation of the Trans Am using custom body kits and replacement parts.

Now thanks to Trans Am Depot, you can not only buy a Pontiac Trans Am, but you can have it spec’d out to be an 840 horsepower version of the Trans Am seen in Smokey And The Bandit. And here's Burt Reynolds to tell you all about it.

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