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Poo-gatti Veyron Anyone?

Ever wondered what a $2.3 million, 1,200 hp #2 looks like?

At$2.25 mil, the Veyron Supersport is one of the most expensive showroom cars on the planet. For that kind of scratch a buyer is going to want tohave a very specific color in mind for their expensive new metal. But a browned out version? That's a first. Then again, some outrageouslywealthy individual would see this color and lose their marbles over it, perhapsthe CEO’s of Nestle or Starbucks. CenturianCars LLC in the UAE seems to like the color. Even more importantly, they believe someone with very deep pockets will get their chocolate fix on it as well.

Bugatti is famous for announcing new editions that basically amount to little more than a new color. It wouldn't surprise us if this has some corny chocolate-based name. If not, we would suggest a solid alternative, the Veyron Poopersport Edition.

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