Pope Benedict XVI: Green Motorist

The Vatican isn't normally the first outfit you'd think of as a developer of environmentally friendly transportation, but this is what we find. Pope Benedict XVI has already begun converting parts of the Vatican to solar power, and he now wants to tackle the daunting task of making a solar-powered Popemobile. Solar-powered car technology isn't exactly ready for the mass market, and making a Popemobile is already a difficult task.

Meeting The Vatican's strict safety standards isn't easy, even using a conventional engine. Due to the enormous weight of all of the armor required, Vatican security is primarily concerned that such a vehicle would be lacking in power, but range is likely to be an issue as well. Don't expect the actual solar panels on the car itself either. The most likely form that a solar Popemoblie would take is something like an armored Leaf that recharges from a solar power source.

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