Porsche 718 Cayman S Outlaps BMW M4 GTS At Anglesey Circuit

Lap Record

Porsche’s budget hot lap demon is a more serious contender than we thought.

For a mere $100 extra, it’s possible to walk out of the BMW dealership with pen in hand and previously ready to sign for an M4 and into a Porsche dealership for a 718 Cayman S. That Ben Franklin is the only gap between the two cars in terms of price, but performance is a whole other matter. Sure, the M4 is up 75 horsepower over the turbocharged four-cylinder 718 Cayman, but the two cars are in entirely different leagues despite price similarities. Just look at how this 718 Cayman S laps DriveTribe’s home race track, the Anglesey Circuit in Wales, UK.

Its lightweight 2,900 pound body with its mid-mounted engine enthusiastically gobbles up the corners without complaint and though some the aural experience is lacking compared to that of its flat-six predecessor, no one would say the 718 Cayman S is short on fun.

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If the blurred scenery and active engaged driving experience doesn’t point it out to you, then maybe a trip to Anglesey Circuit’s lap time leaderboards will help convince you. By the end of this lap, the driver had managed to cross the finish line in 1:39.03 minutes. Compare that to a time of 1:40.40 minutes for the BMW M4 GTS, which costs $133,204 mind you, and the genius of the Porsche begins to become clear.