Porsche 911 964 C4 is a Track Monster

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But are willing to pay to watch it?

At first glance, a Porsche 911 964 with all-wheel drive seems an odd choice for a track car. But according to Speedsport Tuning, based out of Connecticut, with the right modifications this twenty-year old sports car can hang with the best of them on a fast, twisting circuit. Belonging to a childhood friend of /Drive's Matt Farah, the 964 C4 has been bored out to 3.8 liters, and been fitted with a new suspension, roll cage, seats, harnesses, pedals and shifter. There are no fancy body enhancements, which adds to its appeal. And it goes like hell.

The new format means you'll have to pay for the full-length version over at Drive+. Yes, we know that sucks, but apparently the YouTube channel has no other way of existing. So check out the vid here and decide if you think an additional 10 minutes of action is worth getting your wallet out for.

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