Porsche 911 964 Reengineered With Modern GT3 RS Engine And Variable Drive Modes

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Classic styling meets modern engine manufacture, and the results are fantastic.

The Porsche 911 964 is a favorite in the restomod scene, and now German outfit Reen Cars has joined the fray with its RSGT Concept, featuring a modern 997 GT3 RS engine and an upgraded driving system.

The engine in question is a 3.6-liter naturally-aspirated, water-cooled boxer-six built by legendary Porsche engine builder Hans Mezger. It churns out 415 horsepower, sent exclusively to the rear wheels via a custom five-speed manual transmission, in which first gear is longer, while second and fourth are shorter than normal.

This setup should enhance fun behind the wheel, as the driver will get to rev the car out more often.

Reen Cars/Instagram Reen Cars Reen Cars/Instagram

At a glance, this reengineered Porsche 911 offers the unmatched aesthetics of the 964 generation while benefiting from the performance of an engine made for abuse. However, the power unit is just one of the many modifications integrated to provide an exciting driving feel. The RSGT Concept is also installed with the latest technologies, bundled in a package called the Reen Drive System, and it's rather impressive.

The system adjusts the driving characteristics of the sports car depending on the driver's preferences, varying the electro-hydraulic power steering, the characteristics of the engine's power development, traction control, and shift support through automated rev-matching.

Reen Cars Reen Cars/Instagram Reen Cars/Instagram

Moreover, the system alters the sound of the eight-way adjustable exhaust system, which the driver can also override. Other specs include an upgraded suspension and a more competent braking system from Brembo.

While the pricing wasn't disclosed, this build should cost a fortune, considering it has a GT3 RS engine and five years' worth of labor based on a Porsche 964 - a car that keeps soaring in value. One thing for sure is that it's not going to be cheap. After all, well-rounded 964 builds can breach the million-dollar price range, as evidenced by Singer's recent Namibian Skeleton Coast-inspired restomod.

Reen Cars/Instagram Reen Cars Reen Cars/Instagram

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