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Porsche 911 Black Edition

After what must have been a very long meeting of the top minds at Porsche in Stuttgart, they have finally found yet another way to make the 911 range more confusing. What they've come up with is the 911 Black Edition, which is essentially a 911 Carrera with black paint and some other bits in black. Of course, Porsche would never give you such a simple option, so you will still have to choose which shade of black, Solid Black or Basalt Black.

The interior is done in about as much black as you could imagine and even the brake calipers are black. The Black Edition also comes with an upgraded stereo and 19-inch Turbo II wheels, and Porsche says that the package gives you a $6,000 savings over optioning up a standard Carrera. Porsche is only making 1,911 of these, and each one will have a numbered plaque and Black Edition badges. Good thing the 911 looks good in black.

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