Porsche 911 Cabrio S by Gemballa

The Porsche aftermarket specialist reveals its latest upgrade package for the open-top Carrera S.

Porsche tuning specialist Gemballa has turned its attention towards the new 911 Carrera S Cabriolet, creating a styling package for the open-top sports car. At the heart of the makeover is a carbon-fiber Gemballa GT aero kit, complete with new front bumper and spoiler with three large cooling air intakes and large lip spoiler for added downforce at high speeds. Around back a new rear bumper features a recessed panel whose strong horizontal lines accentuate the car's width, with triple valve-controlled pipes protruding from the diffuser.

All parts are made by laser measuring equipment to ensure a precise fit with the bodywork and original mounting points so when the time comes to sell the car, it can be easily returned to its original state. The suspension has been upgraded with 30mm shorter springs and Brembo brakes packed inside 21-inch forged alloys. Available in diamond-cut or gunmetal finishes, the wheels go for 9,895 euros, while the aero kit adds another 19,860 euros to the price, including paintwork and installation.

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