Porsche 911 Found Dead in Malibu Hills

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....it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known.

As everyone knows, wild fires have been known to cause considerable damage. Quite frankly, they engulf and destroy everything in their path and the lives of local residents are at risk. For anyone who lives in an area of the country where they're prone to erupt is fully aware of the catastrophic devastation they leave behind and the tens of millions of dollars worth of damage. An example of this destruction can be seen here with the remains of this classic Porsche 911.

The fire has only left the basic shell of the iconic sports car after it consumed pretty much everything else, such as the tires, seats, and the rest of the interior. The only good part about this is that the 911 has a beautiful final resting place overlooking the scenic Malibu Hills.

Source Credits: www.flickr.com

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