Porsche 911 GT2 Flips and Eats Pavement

Nurburgring / Comments

This 911 GT2's Nurburgring death sequence is caught on video thanks to the preceding car's dash cam.

The Nurburgring is not a place for amateurs to learn how to drive, but rather it's a track for experienced drivers to become even better. So the theory goes. The driver of this Porsche 911 GT2, as far we know, is an experienced driver who knows how to handle even the most gruesome section of the famous German track.However, when he came to the Flugplatz (meaning "airport") section of the 13-mile track, he somehow lost control and went straight into the barrier.

The impact was so powerful that it sent the car into the air and then flipped over. The destruction was so severe that the GT2's front wheel was completely torn off. Both driver and passenger walked away without major injuries but the car itself was completely totaled.

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