Porsche 911 GT2's Future is in Doubt

It turns out the Porsche 911 Turbo S's output may just be too much for RWD.

At this point in the current generation of the Porsche 911, we should be expecting to see the arrival of the GT2 in the very near future. So far, every 991-911 has been a phenomenal success, with the just unveiled 911 Targa as further proof. But inside sources at Porsche are now claiming that a new GT2 may not be happening at all. The 997 911 Turbo-based GT2 featured even more horsepower than the standard Turbo along with various exterior enhancements. It was built in limited numbers.

The man in charge of the 911 program at Porsche, however, recently told Car and Driver (in reference to a new GT2) that "Right now all I can say is that a decision has not been made. There are reasons inside the company, and to write today that there will be a GT2 in the future would not be correct." It’s basically boiling down to internal politics and even technical reasons as to why the GT2 may not happen. "If you look at today’s Turbo S and the performance this car produces…you cut away the front-wheel-drive for the GT2, but the car loses traction." However, there’s still a possibility that we’ll be seeing "a GT3 RS or something like this."

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