Porsche 911 GT3 Gets Six-Foot Wing And RS Style

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DMC's wing is as long as the GT3's creator is tall.

German tuner DMC has released a new carbon fiber aero kit for the new Porsche 911 GT3.

Not that the new GT3 needs any additional kudos. The RS version just claimed the N/A production car record around the Nurburgring. Despite that, DMC hopes the new aero bits will make the GT3 look more aggressive and go much faster. A tough ask, considering what one can already achieve using Porsche's own customization program.

Basically, anything that controls air movement over and under the car is now DMC's handiwork. However, it is evidently heavily inspired by the RS. That includes a massive Tuv and FIA-certified rear wing, carbon fiber fenders and louvers, side skirts, front bumper inserts, rear diffuser, and hood. Those last three haven't been modified but have been redone in carbon fiber.


Much like with the factory-fresh GT3 RS, the main story here is the massive wing.

DMC's spans a laughable 5-foot 8-inches. That is quite literally as long as the man who masterminded the car- Andreas Preuninger- is tall. We think Preuninger would fall over should he see what DMC has done to his baby.

DMC has said it wanted to give its customers the ability to enjoy the looks of a GT3 RS with the more toned-down nature of the GT3. DMC insists that the car's factory aero balance is retained, which should put the now-prone Preuninger at ease.

Additionally, customers can choose which parts end up on their cars- and what finish they come in.


DMC has also developed a new exhaust for the GT3.

The German tuners say the system is valved, so you may or may not wake the neighbors at your choosing. A button wired into the interior controls the exhaust valves. The unit is made of flow-formed titanium and made in Germany. DMC says it was specifically developed for the GT3 and GT3 Touring.

A new wheel was developed to sit underneath all these new changes, one that's forged instead of flow-formed like cheaper wheels. They measure 9.5 by 20 inches at the front and 12 by 21 inches at the rear. DMC uses 3D scanning to build its parts, ensuring the pieces fit right.

Pricing has yet to be announced, but DMC says it has partnered with Blockchain company Arcartera to let you preview its wing on your own car.


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