Porsche 911 GT3 Is Getting A Facelift Already

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Why on earth would Porsche refresh the GT3 so soon?

It's been just over a year since we first saw the 992 generation Porsche 911 GT3. It made huge strides over the previous model, adding trick new aero and new double wishbone suspension just to name a few things. Porsche hasn't even released the even more extreme 911 GT3 RS. That, as we've seen on a few occasions, is still in the works.

So, we're really, really unsure why Porsche would already be working on what appears to be a facelift for the model. This kind of turnaround time is unheard of. It's certainly not like the GT3 has been poorly received. Unless you're married to your dealer, you aren't getting one at MSRP. So what gives?


Our spies snapped this GT3 with a totally unchanged front end earlier this week. As our spies reported, there is absolutely nothing different about the face of this car aside from the entire hive of bugs spattered on it. However, the back is where things start to look a little more test car and a little less production car.

There, we can see a redesigned rear bumper. What appears to be air outlets for the wheel arches now sit on the outermost extremities of the bumper. Perhaps these will be toned down from the RS' rear spats.

Further in, the area surrounding the number plate is now recessed further into the bumper. On the current car, that space is just about flush. It's tough to tell, but there appears to be some camo around the diffuser as well, so that could get an update too.

Rear View Porsche

Our spies say the interior was all done up in camo as well. Based on the 992 facelift prototypes we've seen, we're betting on the digital gauges we've seen on those. Still, the bigger question is still that of the facelift itself. Porsche doesn't need to refresh the GT3.

Supply chain shortages, markups, and the last several years of generally wild auto industry climate mean the GT3 is still about as rare as snow in July. They just aren't out in the world yet. So why would Porsche bother? Perhaps this is a sort of "RS-lite" refresh to bring things in line with that upcoming model.

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