Porsche 911 GT3 RS: More Awesome Than We First Thought

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For starters, it'll have 500 horsepower.

Ok, so Porsche is having a bit of trouble these days with its 911 GT3. Due to a possibility of them catching on fire, a recall has just been issued for drivers to get their cars to their dealers for repair ASAP. A bit embarrassing, yes, but Porsche is still very much pushing forward with development of an even more insane GT3, the GT3 RS. Last week we reported just how "wonderfully bonkers" this thing is going to be, but now a new report is claiming this car will be just plain old insane.

A well-placed Porsche source has just informed Autocar that the upcoming GT3 RS will be a "far greater step forward" over the current GT3 compared to how the previous-gen RS was to 997-era GT3. For starters, the new GT3 RS will be lighter and more powerful, with an output of at least 500 horsepower. For comparison, the previous-gen 911 GT3 RS 4.0 made 493 hp. Porsche has also done some major surgery to the car's suspension, and has even given it the wheels and tires from the 918 Spyder for better grip and traction. Expect a 0-62 mph time as low as 3.2 seconds, but top speed will remain the same at 196 mph.

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