Porsche 911 on the Move Standing Still

Porsche Center Padova recently demonstrated the year-round capabilities of the all-wheel-drive 911 with a completely motionless model.

There aren't many cars that look dynamic when standing still, but the new 911 is certainly one of them. A Porsche dealership in northern Italy took this concept to a new level when presenting the latest-gen Carrera 4S to a gathering of enthusiasts. Using a Porsche 911 as a projection screen, the term "motionless driving" was beautifully interpreted by projecting dazzling images on the latest all-wheel-drive Carrera, highlighting its versatility for all seasons and road surfaces, thanks to the latest Porsche Traction Management.

Porsche added a variety of backdrops, from mountain passes through rain-swept countryside, to demonstrate how customers' future cars would look when on the move. It's an entertaining and compelling demo, and gets better as time lapses, so check it out in the video below.

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